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Paint colours for spring

No more boring nearly-whites! Transform a room with a fresh blast of colour!

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Why live in a bland, beige world when you could live colourfully? Colour can awaken your senses and change your mood. Bringing a little colour into your home can be transformative. The best of the new paint colours for spring are bold and fresh, soft and sublime! Spring’s trendiest colours will inspire you to dare a new palette in your home.

Warm naturals

Neutral, yet anything but boring, the warm naturals are a perfect background for streamlined style and showcasing art and accents that bring pop to a room. Pale gray-greens in a satin finish are calm but catch the light. A range of tans, from creamy cafe-au-lait to golden sand, can anchor a room and serve as a backdrop to contemporary, Southwestern or traditional decors. There are silvery sages and lightest sunset colours that give a gentle wash of gold or a hint of coral to warm up walls without overwhelming the room. The yellows are softer this spring, still sunny but without any hint of green: think moon glow. As the day wanes and the lamps come on, this colour starts to deepen and glow. Pure, pale camel is a sophisticated step above boring beige, with just enough pop to be interesting.

Get the blues

A range of blues are highlighted in spring’s freshest paint colours: vivid blue-greens just this side of a true turquoise; the palest robin’s egg blue that looks crisp against glossy white trim; and a pale gray-blue, reminiscent of a stormy day, that’s very soft to the eye because of the gray in it. One of the prettiest is a crocus colour, a gentle lavender with just a bit of blue for balance. For stronger colour, there’s a bold periwinkle that’s both modern and feminine.


Try an accent wall or a guest room in vivid coral — more hip than pink and softer than orange. There are several rosy colours to try this spring, and a favourite is the warm apricot. It’s fresh and flattering when paired with glossy black accents and mild enough to work as a neutral for furniture and accessories. The best spring pink is pale but not pure… a little muddy with a touch of lavender that takes it out of the nursery and into grown-up spaces. And if you crave bold, poppy is the way to go. It’s a more contemporary choice than last year’s barn reds, but still energizing and vivid.


Greens are traditionally a difficult colour to paint with: the risk of too much yellow or too much blue in the mix makes it a challenge to hit the right balance. Spring’s new green palette is nature-inspired, from the silvery sage of desert landscapes to the mossy green that’s paler and softer than a dark bottle green. Think of going down a leafy forest path where moss grows on the shady side of a tree. It’s another nearly neutral colour that can work well with a multitude of design styles.

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