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DIY earring holder

Dangling earrings, studs, feathers — all women love earrings! Sorting them out and matching pairs, however, can be quite the painful process. Earring holders just never seem to come in the right size or price. So, how about making your own?

Earring holder

Here’s a fun and easy way to gather your pairs side by side and complement your room decor. You can personalize even more by colour-coordinating your earrings!

Step 1: Assess

Unleash the monster! Empty out all your containers and consider the number of earrings you have. Be real! It is important to assess your needs before jumping in.

Step 2: Get materials

Go to a dollar store and buy a plain canvas board or boards (depending on how big your collection of earrings is). At minimum, a white canvas board (plus push pins, for mounting on the wall) is all you need. The canvas’s surface can be easily pierced by an earring post, be it a hook, a hoop or a stud. For a finer and more decorative effect, go to step three.

Step 3: Personalize

There are many ways to personalize your earring holder and blend it with the rest of your bedroom decor without undermining its function. Spray paint the board with your choice of colour. Using more than one canvas? Contrast or complement two colours. You can decorate the edges of the canvas using leftover curtain fabric or using colours similar to that of your bedding. Do not create too many patterns, however, as the earrings will cover most of the canvas. Also, avoid covering the canvas in cloth, as it will be more difficult for the earrings to pierce.

If you have a large array of colourful earrings, you can leave the canvas white and arrange the earrings in a colour-coordinated or contrasting manner.

Step 4: Hang it up

Hang the board on your wall using two push pins — yes, the canvas is actually light enough that you won’t have to pound nails into your wall. Arrange the boards around the room just like paintings; or, for a centred placement, arrange two boards side by side and place one higher than the others to create a triangle-like shape. To fill up more wall space, place three or more canvases side by side in a stair-step pattern.

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