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Lululemon: Why it’s Canada’s hottest source for athletic gear


Lululemon products may not always be at the top of the budget-friendly list, but you only have to invest in one item and you’ll be hooked. Whether you’re trying to figure out what it is that makes you love that pair of Lulu pants you’ve had for years or debating whether you want to invest for the first time, here, we get to the bottom of why Lululemon is Canada’s hottest source of athletic gear.

Lululemon tea lounge pulloverThe comfort

Their products are made with moisture-wicking fabrics, which means that sweat is pulled away from your body and into the fabric, which then dries quickly. When you work out in other fabrics, such as cotton, moisture sits on your skin and that can quickly become uncomfortable. With Lululemon‘s fabrics you will feel far drier and that makes you more inclined to work out for longer!

They also have several techniques to make their products as chafe-resistant as possible. Nothing cuts your run short quite like getting hit with a bad case of chafing ten minutes in. Lululemon makes sure that the only pain you experience while you exercise is your burning muscles, and not a rash from poorly made clothing.

Virtually all Lululemon’s products are made with four-way stretch fabric, so they move completely in tune with you. With Lululemon you can ensure that your clothing doesn’t dictate what you accomplish during your workout

Lululemon run spirit tightThe fit

Let’s face it, we’re women and we have hips. So how come so many brands dig in and leave us with a serious case of muffin top? Lululemon’s pants use a wide, flat waistband that gives you the perfect, smooth hourglass figure you crave.

And your top half is equally spoiled by their wide variety of stylish tanks and T-shirts. Many of their tank tops come with comfortable built-in bras, so you have one less clothing item to worry about. Plus, they’re made longer in the waist, so you don’t have to worry about yanking them down throughout your workout. And the racer back and criss-cross straps allow for complete ease of movement.

The variety

Though Lululemon opened in 1998 as a source of clothing designed purely for yoga purposes, it has since branched out to help us with our every workout need. Their jackets, gloves and hats are perfect for winter running, while their capris, headbands and water bottles are ideal for gym time. And, true to their origins, they have a wide variety of attractive sports bras and tops that will help you feel attractive and fit while you run through your yoga poses.

The look

Many of the items are so attractive you can even get away with wearing them to run your errands or for a surprise lunch with the girls. They are constantly coming out with bright colours and new styles to keep you looking your best. You’re guaranteed to feel sexy and comfortable when you head out sporting athletic gear from Lululemon!

Images: Lululemon tea lounge pullover and Run Spirit tights

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