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Exciting new “extreme” activities

Want to live a little more on the edge without having to scale Mount Everest or jump out of a plane? Or are you just on the hunt for fun new ways to stay healthy and active? Then give one of these less dangerous “extreme” activities a try.

It’s fun to try new things and feel like you’re pushing yourself past what you thought you were capable of. But we aren’t all willing to risk life and limb in the process. Fortunately, there are plenty of non life-threatening activities that can give you a sense of adventure that’s more on the safe side. Try one of these fun activities that will help you get fit while having fun at the same time.


Thought you were done with this game after middle school? Think again. Dodgeball is a great activity to pick up again, because it gets you out interacting with others and working as part of a team. Plus it’ll get your heart pumping — and not just because of the awesome cardio it provides. All that dodging, catching and throwing will quickly have you feeling like you’re in a real combat situation. Many cities have community programs that provide you with the opportunity to become a part of a team at a very manageable price. So sign up for this exciting team-bonding experience today!

Indoor rock climbing

Indoor wall climbing

Many of us would love to feel like we’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible — without running the risk of plummeting to the ground. Indoor wall climbing lets you do just that. You are rigged up to a harness that is belayed by a trained professional, so if you suddenly feel your body giving out, there will be someone there to hold you up. Plus, the strength you will gain in your arms and legs will blow you away. There’s nothing quite like looking at a wall that’s three stories high, knowing you could climb your way like a spider to the top.

Obstacle races

It is without doubt an incredible accomplishment to finish a half-marathon or triathlon; but, for a unique racing experience, give obstacle races a try. Run through mud, crawl under wires, climb ropes and hurl your way across the finish line in the experience of a lifetime. One of the better known organizers is Spartan Race, which has courses lined up all over Canada. There are three different race lengths, so you can start with the Spartan Sprint and work your way towards the Spartan Beast. You once loved crawling all over the jungle gym, so reignite that childhood energy with your very first obstacle race!

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