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Oh, Canada: Things we love about our country

All things Canadian make us happy and proud to be here!

Canadian flag

Most Canadians are quietly proud patriots. We may not always tell the world what’s so wonderful about this country, but if asked, the majority could list dozens of reasons why it is a great place to live. We’re not just about cold and snow — but we like those too!

1. The great outdoors

So many places to play surrounded by breathtaking scenery!

2. Beautiful cities and towns

Big cities with plenty of green oases, like Vancouver’s splendid Stanley Park; tourist-oriented towns like Banff and Whistler; quaint and captivating cities like Montreal and Quebec — there’s a place to suit everyone’s preference.

3. Our flag

Featuring arguably the most recognized symbol in the world… the maple leaf!

4. Diversity

Canada is truly multicultural. No other place is as accepting and inclusive of so many various cultures. We accept and give a warm welcome to all who come here.

5. Health Care

With the health care argument raging in the U.S., it’s good to remember that we’re covered. It’s not yet a perfect system, but it gives Canadians peace of mind.

6. Great food

Tender Canadian beef, fresh seafood, fabulous local produce, not to mention back bacon — the real thing — and flavourful Canadian beer!

7. Hockey

Hey, we invented it! And our players are the best in the world, and a leading export. Check out any NHL team and you’ll notice a star player who’s a Canadian. We want the Stanley Cup back!

8. Pierre Trudeau

One of the greatest leaders ever, he established our charter, held the country together in the face of separatists and set a high standard for others to follow.

9. Our military

We were there in World Wars I and II before the United States, and while not the largest fighting force, our military continues to be a national source of pride and honour.

10. Economy

Canadian-style regulation must work because we continue to move forward as other countries struggle.

11. Kindness

One thing Canadian communities, large and small, have in common is lack of conflict. People from different cultures and economic circumstances co-exist peacefully and respectfully.

12. Political choices

Liberals, Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois, and New Democrats… an ideology for everyone.

13. BlackBerry

Yes, it’s Canadian. Cool, eh?

14. The Mounties

Who has snappier uniforms than our Royal Canadian Mounted Police? Absolutely no one.

15. Great musicians

Rush, K.D. Lang, Barenaked Ladies, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion… there’s a rich array of talent born and bred in Canada.

16. That’s entertainment

Our Olympic and hockey stars, comedians and actors… let’s face it, a lot of talent the world admires is Canadian. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Mike Holmes, Mike Meyers, basketball point guard Steve Nash, Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds, Captain Kirk himself — William Shatner,  Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox… there’s no shortage of Canadian talent on worldwide display.

17. Oceans

Three of them lap our shores: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic, each uniquely beautiful.

18. Wildlife

Moose, grizzly and polar bears, elk, deer, beaver, fox and wolves; plus loons, Canada geese and an endless list of other species of mammals, birds and water creatures call Canada home and thrive here.

19. Awesome natural wonders

Admit it: We may share Niagara Falls with the U.S., but the view on our side is better. We also have the Icefields Parkway, one of the world’s longest passages through a World Heritage site, and countless other spectacular vistas from coast to coast.

20. Our anthem

Our home and native land… O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

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