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Sexy winter hairstyles


Banish boring winter hair with these sexy styles.

Curly winter hair

Brigitte BardotThe ’60s bombshell

This style has the va-va-voom factor epitomized by the sexy starlets of the ’60s. With lots of volume on top and long flowing waves down the side, it’s a no-fuss, any-weather style with flair. A narrow strip of hair is pulled straight back from the forehead and teased to create a voluminous poof, then fastened at the back of the head while still leaving enough hair to fall loosely over the temples and drape over the shoulders.

Long and wavy

Tousled layers of long, loose waves that fall effortlessly over the shoulders from a centre part are the hallmark of this style. This naturally flirtatious coif, with its just-rolled-out-of-bed appeal, can handle all the bitter winter weather, from rain or snow to gale-force winds, and still manage to look fresh and sexy.

The sleek bob

Short and flirty, this iflapper style ‘do is a classic. Come-hither eyes peek out from under strong bangs, and with its centre part and chin-length edge, this cut looks great any time. It’s especially appealing with some of the more fashionable hats of this winter season, such as a cloche or loose-knit beret.

Modern BobThe modern bob

Sleek and smooth, a modern bob is the epitome of simplicity in a hairstyle. This one-length style, with either a centre or side part, allows bone-straight hair to caress the shoulders and fall gently into the face. This is a stylish choice for winter since the dry air won’t wreak havoc on your blow-out.

Cutting edge

Like its cousin the Pixie, this style is a short, wispy-layered cut — but this version has a definite edge. A long, side-swept fringe across the brow dominates the look and adds a coquettish charm. This contemporary, androgynous look has a strong, sexy appeal and is perfectly suited to the more tailored clothes of a winter wardrobe.

Side-pinned waves

This soft, femine style works on almost any length of hair. From a deep side part, hair is brushed to one side and fastened in place by pins or a pretty barrette. With long or mid-length hair this leaves long bouncy waves that fall to the shoulders. This style will keep the flyaways that are caused by dry winter air off the face, letting your radiance shine.

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