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Places in your home you didn’t know need cleaning

We all aim to do our best when it comes to home cleaning. We vacuum, we mop, we dust. But what are we missing? Plenty. Consider these three places the next time you dive into spring cleaning to get your house really spic-and-span.

Woman with cleaning supplies


Sure, you dust along the trims regularly, but when was the last time you really got in there? To give your shelving the treatment it so desperately needs, you’re going to have to remove every last plate, glass, book, DVD and knick-knack. But this doesn’t mean you have to empty every shelf in your house all at once. Instead, set aside a block of time to tackle a certain shelf or bookcase. Remove all the objects and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Set them aside and get to work on the unit itself. Using whichever cleaning products you prefer — Comet on really durable surfaces, vinegar and water, dust cloths, etc. — wipe down every surface of each shelf. Make sure you wipe along the entire back and really get into the corners. You’ve gone through the effort of taking everything out — might as well get everything as clean as humanly possible while you’re at it!

This is also a great time for some long-put-off organizing. Always wished you had your DVD collection organized alphabetically? Now’s the time to get it done. Been meaning to move the dishes up a shelf? Get to it! If you get the job done right, you won’t have to think about it for another six months to a year — so now’s your chance.


It’s so easy to get focused on the floors and other horizontal surfaces that collect dust and dirt. But what about the most prominent surfaces in our homes — the walls? Before you know it, they will have collected more dust, mould and dirt than you would care to think existed. Keep the build-up at bay by washing your walls at least once a year. A little bit of gentle soap and water on a rag is all you need to get them cleaned up. If you have baseboards or crown moulding, take this time to get those guys cleaned out as well. A lot can build up in those cracks and crevices so really dig deep and make your cleaning count.

Light fixtures

As with the walls, it’s easy to assume that since we barely come into contact with our light fixtures, they must be immune to dirt. But that is definitely not the case. When dust gets blown up into the air, the small crevices and open surfaces of our overhanging lights are the first place it will set up camp. Unless you take them down and clean them, that dust (and maybe even a few dead insects!) will just keep piling up. So it’s important that once or twice a year you take all your light fixtures down and give them a solid cleaning with soap and water. Using a gentle sponge or rag, wipe down all sides of the fixture, as well as the outside of the light bulb itself (while it’s turned off, of course) .This process is especially crucial if you have any chandeliers or decorative lights in your house, as you want them to last for a long time.

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