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Clearing your skin without over-drying

No one likes dry, breakout-covered skin — and it can be especially prevalent in the winter. Get rid of those pimples without over-drying, using this simple guide.

Skin care

Winter skin woes

Eliminating breakouts in the winter requires a different process than in summer. June to August, the air is more humid and provides your skin with moisture. But winter air is drier, so using the same strong cleansing products in these cold months can have negative effects. It’s natural to think that by removing all the oil on your face your skin will clear up more easily. But this actually has the opposite effect. Removing your skin’s natural oils when it is already dehydrated by winter air causes your body to produce more oil to rectify the problem. This additional oil eventually causes more serious breakouts.

Skin care regimen

When it comes to your skin, the best offence is a good defence. By using gentle products to cleanse the pores and a solid cream to moisturize the surface, you can give your skin the cleanliness and hydration it needs to stay clear all season long.

Naturally, someone who has oily skin should not be using the same products as someone with dry skin. Clinique’s three-step program has several different strengths to suit your individual skin care needs. Step one is a face wash that removes dirt and debris; step two removes dead skin and tones the skin; and step three is a moisturizer that is good for the whole face. If you stop by the Clinique counter in your local Shoppers Drug Mart or The Bay, an assistant will be happy to assess your skin and pick out a three-step program to suit you. You can further tailor the Clinique skin care line to your particular needs with additional products, but the three-step program is a good place to start. You may see some additional breakouts in the first two weeks of use as your skin adjusts, but afterwards you should see a large improvement.

On the spot

Let’s face it, despite our best efforts, it’s only too likely that a breakout or pimple will sneak through. When this happens, Clearasil’s Ultra Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream is an excellent spot corrector. You apply it solely to the affected area so it can eliminate the problem without drying out the rest of your face.

We all want clear, healthy skin and the best way to achieve that is by being rigorous with a cleansing routine. Make sure you are using a cleansing system regularly, morning and night, and applying a strong moisturizer during these winter months. If your are firm in your routine you are sure to have great skin in no time!

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