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Best party games: Part 1

Everyone is different when it comes to game preferences. Some like to be artistic, others prefer to do lots of talking; but here, we’re talking to those want to have a solid intellectual experience — and have fun at the same time, of course!

Trivial pursuitTrivial Pursuit

An oldie but a goodie! There are six categories of questions and you move your pie-shaped pawn around the board, trying to snag a wedge for each topic. The categories vary depending on the edition but are unique and widely varied in each. With editions specific to different countries, decades and franchises, there are many different options to choose from. But be wise in your selection — playing the ’80s version with some old classmates might make for a highly entertaining night of “remember when…,” but playing the Saturday Night Live rendition when you have a couple of players that don’t enjoy comedy might mean you leave some guests out of the entertainment. You can work around wide differences of interest or even age by pairing people up: an older player with a younger, a history expert with a sports fan. Or, if people are looking for a quick game, award a point on any spot — not just the pie-wedge squares. With Trivial Pursuit, it’s all about working with the group you have and making the game as fun as possible for everyone.


This is a game of questions that is played either individually or in teams. Now, when you think of the intellectual, it’s easy to think of those who have an encyclopedia-like memory of historical events or a doctorate in science. But Bezzerwizzer is a new game that has a little something for everyone! There are 20 categories that range in theme: Theatre/Art, Politics, Language, Geography and so on. So no matter what your background or knowledge base, there is sure to be a category you feel great about. And it’s not all about having the answers stored away in your brain. There is also some strategy involved, as you can steal the categories of other teams and, on occasion, even answer their question for them in order to grab the point. There is no doubt you will be challenged and entertained with this one.

Risk gameRisk

This one provides a much different feel than Trivial Pursuit and Bezzerwizzer, as the ultimate goal is to eliminate all others from the board and achieve “world domination.” It is a hugely intellectual game as it involves strategies of attack, defence, building alliances and much more. It’s certainly not the ideal choice for a quick reinvigoration or easy ending to the night, but if you have a lot of time and a fun group of people, it will certainly get you thinking.

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