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Natural spa-like body scrubs


Body scrubs are a great way to keep flaky skin at bay, helping you feel soft and silky all year round. But instead of spending a small fortune at the spa, make one in the comfort of your own home for a timesaving and cost-effective alternative.

Body scrubs

You don’t have to sacrifice a thing! These homemade scrubs will make you feel like you’ve just treated your skin to a high-end spa treatment, but at the fraction of the cost. Most can be made with ingredients you would normally have on hand in your kitchen.

Essentially, a body scrub consists of at least three things:

  • An abrasive ingredient to act as the exfoliant. Salt, sugar, coffee grounds, oatmeal or finely crushed fruit pits are good examples of abrasive materials that will scrub off dead skin cells.
  • An oil to bind the mixture together. Almost any oil will work: olive, grape seed, almond, coconut or baby oil. Oil also helps nourish your skin by locking in moisture.
  • A fragrance to soothe or refresh your senses. Lavender, rose, ylang-ylang and sandalwood are just a few essential oil options; or, try your favourite flavour extract, such as vanilla.

Still need some guidance? Slough off dead cells and revitalize your skin with these homemade body treats.

The Basic Salt Scrub

Mix a two-to-one ratio of salt to oil. For normal skin, regular or epsom salts work well, but for more sensitive skin use a fine sea salt. Mix with olive or grapeseed oil before adding in a few drops of essential oil for scent. Lavender essential oil is a skin favourite.

The Basic Sugar Scrub

Mix a two-to-one ratio of sugar to oil to form a paste. Sugar is less abrasive on the skin than salt, so it works better as an all-around exfoliater. Another option is to use brown sugar for sensitive skin, or a combination of both white and brown. Mix with olive oil and add a few drops of vanilla for a yummy-scented spa treat.

Oatmeal Almond Body Scrub

Blend together an equal portion of of rolled oats and finely ground almonds. Add in enough almond oil to make a thick paste and scent with rose and chamomile essential oils.

The Caffine Scrub

Mix a four- to-one ratio of coarsely ground coffee with salt. Stir in light olive oil or a massage oil and add a few drops of vanilla or almond extract.

Begin your at-home spa treatment by preparing your skin with a warm shower or bath. While your skin is warm and wet, apply your body scrub liberally, using circular movements. Rinse off completely, using soap if necessary, and when dry, follow up with your favourite moisturizer.

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