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Get big, voluminous hair

Most of us want volume when it comes to our hair — there’s no such look as limp, flat and lifeless, after all. So how to turn up the volume when it comes to our hair? Read on.

Bouncy hair

From the runways to Victoria’s Secret ads, big, voluminous hair is sexy and on trend. So how can you transform your hair and style to get the same big volume? All it takes is a little know-how and the right products and tools.

Start with the right shampoo and conditioner

Look for the volumizing versions of shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for your hair type (whether that’s fine, coloured, thick or curly). When shampooing, focus on the roots (the shampoo will rinse and clean through the rest of your hair). When conditioning, focus on the ends, so as to not weigh down hair at the roots (which will reduce volume).

Give your hair a deep cleanse

If your hair seems to be reacting and styling in a different way than usual, it is possible you have a buildup of product on your hair. Try to give it a deep cleanse once a week to refresh it.

Go upside-down

Take a cue from Willow Smith and whip your hair — over, that is, when you’re blow-drying. Hanging your head upside down while you’re blow-drying will help add volume at the root. To your damp, freshly washed hair, first work in some volumizing mousse or spray in some root-lifting spray. Then, lean over to toss your hair forward and blow-dry to create lift at the roots.

Use your concentrator

If you haven’t made use of your blow-dryer’s concentrator attachment since you got the appliance, you’re missing out on volume. Dig it out of your drawer and attach it — then, see what a difference it makes in adding volume at the root. Without a concentrator, the air from your blow-dryer goes every which way, and you’re wasting much time and energy just flipping your ends all about.

Roll with it

Add soft, bouncy waves to bump up volume. Grab your round brush and some clips. As you blow-dry your hair in sections, wrap the hair around the round brush, release the tension so you can pull out the brush, and then clip the loose curl into place. Continue with the rest of your hair. Once it’s all clipped, let your hair cool. Then, simply remove the clips, shake out your hair (run your fingers through it to loosen up the curls) and voila: voluminous bouncy waves.

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