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3 iPhone apps that’ll help you organize your life

Only using your iPhone to play Angry Birds? Then there’s a world of apps you’re missing out on — including these three, which will help streamline your travel, life and password maintenance.

There’s more to your iPhone than using it to play games (although we do adore Words with Friends!). Downloading some of these apps will make you more organized and efficient, and will keep you running like a well-oiled machine.

TripDeck appTripDeck

Anyone who’s been in charge of organizing a trip — especially one with multiple flights and hotels and car rentals — will celebrate this app. Know that file of itinerary printouts you usually cram into your carry-on baggage? TripDeck makes it obsolete. Simple upload all of your trip information — hotel, flights, restaurants, meetings, you name it—- into the app and you’ll have it easily accessible on your iPhone. Think of it as your personal assistant while you travel. Cost: Free.

1Password app1Password for iPhone

It used to be you just needed a password for your ATM card. But now, with smartchip credit cards, logins for web accounts, giftcards and so on, we all have a plethora of passwords to keep track of. Hard ones, too — we’re not allowed to use personal info, such as a pet’s name or birthdate, and should include upper- and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. Admit it, how many times have you had to reset a password because you simply cannot recall the particular code for that particular account? Well, with 1Password, you can set one master password and then have the app manage the rest of your passwords securely. Cost: $9.99.

Bento appBento

Fans of Japanese food will recognize the word bento — this is the compartmentalized box Japanese lunches come in with sections for each of your dishes, so your sushi rolls won’t mix with your tempura or your beef teriyaki. Much like the lunch box, the Bento app divides different aspects of your life into organized compartments. Everything from your contacts to your projects and meetings are sorted in an organized way so you can carry on efficiently. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Bento. Cost: $4.99.

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