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Budget friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you of course want to get your man something great. But there’s no need to load up on credit card debt this Feb. 14 — save that for his birthday. Instead opt for one of these more budget friendly gifts that are still sure to please.

Romantic stay-cation

A mini stay-cation

So, you can’t afford to whisk your man off to Barbados this Valentine’s Day — big whoop! You can still have a perfectly glorious evening together. The only rule is that it can’t entail doing the things you would do on any other night. Maybe you’ve both been dying to visit a museum — now’s your chance. Or perhaps a romantic walk in the snow is what you’ve been craving — get out there and do it. Has your guy been nagging you to visit a certain bar or restaurant with him? Well, this Feb. 14 — give in. Accompany him to that movie you think looks terrible but he’s wonderfully excited about. Cook him that meal that you’re normally to lazy to attempt. Whatever it is, find a way to make Valentine’s Day feel like you’re in a totally new world together.

A day of being his errand girl

Now, this isn’t the most glamorous of the gifts options but it is sure to be something he will greatly appreciate. We’ve all seen those personalized coupon books where you give a person a stack of coupons and he or she can redeem favors from you such as “do the dishes” and “make dinner” at any time. Instead of granting your man a pass to ask things of you at any time down the road — offer him a single day. For one day you will get done all those things he has been putting off. Taking the car in to get tuned, picking up the dry cleaning, dropping off library books — essentially all those items you nag him to take care of but he keeps putting off. Plus it’s a double gifts because you help him out, while also getting everything done that he keeps whining about having to do. Win-win!

A gift basket

No, we aren’t talking about some ridiculously overpriced bin of goodies. This one is far more fun — and it gives you a chance to be really silly. It’s a gift basket of your relationship. Fill it with things that are funny, sentimental, or just plain ridiculous. The ticket stub from the first movie you saw together, your grade 9 picture that you have so carefully hidden from him for years, his old shirt that he lent you and you never returned because you liked it too much — anything you think would be entertaining for him deserves a place in the basket. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it gives you a chance to reflect on your relationship and think about all the memories you have together. Plus it’s more fun than the typical scrapbook because you can get really creative and include some crazy items. It will certainly make for a fun and entertaining evening for you both!

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