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All glammed up for the Oscars

You might have your go-to evening look down, ready and willing to make it work for your Oscars party this year. But the Academy Awards are about standing out, not blending in with the crowd. This Feb. 26 is your chance to think outside the box and look glamorous in a whole new way.

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If you’ve decided to spend this year’s Academy Awards attending/throwing a party, then you are certainly going to want to look extremely glamorous while you do it. You’ll be surrounded by friends, not attending some high profile event, so why not try something fashion-forward that you’ve been too intimidated to attempt in the past? Here are some great ideas to get you looking newly fabulous for your Oscars evening.

Put on that pair of hot stilettos that have been sitting in your closet

It’s true, sometimes the prospect of walking all the way to a restaurant in a painful (albeit glorious-looking) pair of heels can be daunting. But this is your opportunity to finally show those babies off. You’ll be spending the majority of your evening sitting (to watch the evening’s events) or leaning (on the hors d’oeuvres table as you gab with friends), so why not let your legs look great while you do it? Those tight 4-inchers are meant to be shown off, and this is your night to flaunt ’em.

Try that daring makeup technique you’ve been avoiding

Whether it’s the bright red lipstick or the winged eyeliner, this year’s Oscars party is your chance to look glam in a whole new way. Sure, you’ve perfected your go-to evening look, but that’s not what the Academy Awards are about. They’re about taking risks and reinventing the word “fabulous.” Think colourful eyeshadows, lipsticks that pop and shimmering blushes you never thought you could pull off. Keep in mind that trying every new makeup simultaneously probably won’t yield optimal results — but experimenting with one new trick is sure to astound your fellow party guests.

Wear something avant-garde

We all know the red carpet is about breaking fashion rules — and now it’s your turn. Bear in mind that we aren’t suggesting you show up in head-to-toe corduroy or a dress shaped like a swan. But stepping out of the box with one element of your outfit can be a lot of fun. Maybe it’s trying out that sequined skirt you thought was too much or that new pair of boldly patterned tights you’ve been hiding at the back of your drawer. Whatever it is, just remember that this Feb. 26 is your chance to stand out, so seize it!

Play with jewellry

Many of us are afraid to put on big rings or a whole wristful of bracelets — but tonight, set those fears aside. Give that big beaded necklace a whirl! Get those chandelier earrings out of the bottom of your jewellry box! Jewellry is the perfect first step in changing your look. Just throw on a bracelet you might normally shy away from and you can take your outfit to a whole new level.

Now, keep in mind we aren’t suggesting you pull out every one of these items at once — you don’t want to look like you stepped out of an ’80s high school yearbook. But don’t be afraid to be creative for your 2012 Oscars party. You just might find a new statement piece you hadn’t considered before — and you’re bound to look stunning!

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