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What’s your season?

The rule that you can’t wear white after Labour Day is passe, but the notion that we all have a colour “season” and that season’s colour will suit us best does hold true. Discover your season and learn what looks most flattering on you.

Beautiful woman - winter weather

Knowing what colour “season” you belong in can be a big help, especially if you hate shopping for clothes. If you know what colours work best on you, you can shop much more efficiently and also save money — you won’t end up with a sweater that you later discover makes you look pale and sickly.


You’re a winter if you have pale, porcelain or olive-tone skin. Your hair is likely brunette, though white-blond hair can also be a trait of this season. There’s also likely a big contrast between the colour of your hair, skin and eyes.

What you should wear: deep, rich, intense colours; think navy, charcoal and black. Mix in powerful, vivid jewel tones as well (emerald, red, purple, sapphire, etc), or white and cool pastels. Avoid muted, muddy colours.


You’re a spring if you have golden-blond, red, auburn or strawberry-blond hair. Your skin is fair with a hint of pink, and your eyes are pale.

What you should wear: Warm, sunny colours will help bring your appearance to life. Black and white, however, are a no-no; they will drag you down. Your top choices are bright and vivid: yellow, green, blue and red.


You’re a summer if you have golden-blond hair — with some exceptions; the key is your skin, which is quite pale, and your cheeks are flushed.

What you should wear: muted colours. Your palette should include gray, charcoal, blue, soft browns, dusty rose. If you have darker blond hair and colouring, you can get away with richer, heavier tones, such as purples and burgundy.


People within the autumn season vary in features more greatly — perhaps a reflection of the changing colours of the season itself. You can be a redhead, or may have black, brunette or blond hair. Your skin will have more of an orange undertone — a bit of ruddiness to it.

What you should wear: If yours is among the darker hair colours, you would look best in spicy, deep tones, such as rusty orange, deep green and dark brown. If your colour is more on the lighter side, you should put on brighter colours, including a vibrant orange and teal.

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