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Glasses for your face shape

Faced with hundreds of frames in a boutique, shopping for a new pair of glasses can be overwhelming. But knowing what styles best suit your face shape can save you a lot of time and energy. Find out what frames flatter you here.

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The right pair of specs can transform your look for the better. And the wrong pair? They may make you look out of balance, nerdy or simply not your true self. A big part of finding a flattering pair is the shape of your face. Consider whether your face is oval, round, square or heart-shaped, and then read on for the best styles for you. Who knows — you may even discover your signature style in the process.

Round face

If you have a round face, you don’t have any sharp features and there’s a circular evenness to the height and width of your face. Opt for glasses that will help create angles, such as rectangular frames. These may help your face appear wider at the temple area.

Square face

Your face tends to be about as wide as it is long, with a prominent jaw bone. Soften the angles of your face with frames that feature oval lenses; or, softly rounded, narrow rectangular ones.

Oval face

Your face tends to be narrow, with more length than width. Many styles suit your face shape so you can try a variety on. Just be sure not to veer to overly large lenses, which may overwhelm your face.

Heart-shaped face

Your face tends to be widest at the cheekbones, with a narrower forehead and a delicate chin. Add emphasis to the upper half of your face with a dramatic lense frame shape, such as a cat’s eye.

Playing with colour and materials

Once you’ve got your lense shape figured out, play around with different materials, colours and weights. Wire frames will disappear more than plastic frames. Tortoiseshell is classic and will not contrast as much if you have brunette or black hair; however, by all means, go with a playful colour such as red or purple if your personality and personal style can pull off such a vivid shade. Or opt for a colour that puts your eyes into the spotlight (blue or green frames to bring out your vivid peepers, for example). Better yet: get more than one pair (many opticians often offer a second pair free) so you can accessorize as you wish from day to day depending on your mood and outfit.

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