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A DIY project

We love our bed. Love. But we don’t “really” love our headboard. It’s just kind ofÂ… there. It’s plain, slightly boring and not at all unique. Which is why, this weekend, we’re challenging ourselves to create a cool new faux headboard design made out ofÂ… wallpaper! Yep, you read that right. Wallpaper is still on every designer’s must-use-in-your-home list. And because we’re afraid to actually wallpaper an entire room, this helps us solve two design quandaries in one. Here’s how you can create one, too.

Rolls of wallpaper

Measure your bed

You’ll want to buy enough wallpaper to cover the wall behind your bed. Add an extra four inches (two inches on either side of your mattress), to accommodate the extra width bedding will give to your bed.

Select your wallpaper style

Because a headboard (real or fake) is usually the focal point of your bed/bedroom wall, the wallpaper design you choose should stand out. Pick a bold print that matches your comforter — from paisley to floral. Remember, you won’t be using a lot of wallpaper, so you can go big and bold with the colours you choose.

Find a design/template to use

To create your faux headboard silhouette, decide if you want to go classic or trendy with the look. Traditional designs are easier to create, because you can work with the lines of the wallpaper to create a rectangular shape that naturally mimics a headboard. (You can add some drama to the look by refining the edges with molding; paint it white to keep the look chic and sleek.) If you want your faux headboard to be a bit more edgy, you can download wallpaper silhouette templates online — or you can visit your local design store to grab some expert suggestions. The only caveat with this option is you’ll have to do more cutting and trimming of the wallpaper to create the look you want.

Let it dry

Once you’ve affixed the wallpaper to your wall in a design you’re happy with, let the wallpaper dry for about a day before you push the bed against the wall. This will give your new faux headboard time to set so you don’t ruin the design you’ve created.

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