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Dos and don’ts of a good staycation

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation when you come back from vacation? Instead of traipsing all over the world, maybe what you really need is a relaxing staycation.

Old Montreal

A staycation need not be boring. It’s not just about sleeping in and lazing about (although definitely include some extra R&R!). To make the most of your time off, approach a staycation with the same level of planning you would for a vacation elsewhere. Here are some ideas on how to fill your time.

Do check out the restaurants you’ve always wanted to try

If eating at new places is always a key part of your agenda on vacation, why not do the same on a staycation? If less expense is the reason you’ve opted for a staycation, consider trying these restaurants at lunch rather than dinner so you don’t blow your budget. You’ll often have some of the same choices available on the dinner menu — and even if not, you’ll still enjoy the same ambiance, service and level of cuisine.

Do stay at a local hotel for a night

Chances are you haven’t stayed in many hotels in your own city. If you’ve got a week off, book one night at a hotel you’ve heard good things about. Choose to stay in the middle of the week and you may get a cheaper rate.

Don’t do errands and chores

It may be tempting to fill all your time crossing things off your to-do list, but then your staycation will rapidly become a tiring nocation. A few errands are likely inevitable, but resist the urge to do too many.

Do visit tourist attractions

If you’ve never had out-of-town guests to entertain, you may have never hit the tourist attractions that your city is known for. Explore your city with the eyes of a tourist. Visit the CN Tower if you’re in Toronto, or Old Montreal if you’re in Montreal. And don’t forget all those museums you never seem to get to otherwise.

Don’t stick to your usual haunts

Head to a neighbourhood you’ve never explored and do a walking tour. Or, if you’re a reluctant staycationer and are really dreaming about somewhere else, seek out spots reminiscent of that place. Enjoy a cafe au lait at a charming French cafe if you’ve been wanting to visit Paris, or the to-die-for mojitos at that Cuban restaurant if Havana is where you’d hoped to vacation.

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