The low-down on bikini waxes

You’ve decided to book your first bikini wax at the spa, and you’re a little nervous. Do you keep your underwear on, you wonder? Will it hurt a lot? Which kind of waxing should you ask for? Breathe easy — all of these questions will be answered here.

It’s normal to be anxious about your first bikini wax; the aesthetician is working on a rather intimate part of your body, after all. Here’s what you can expect from the three most popular types of bikini waxing. Remember, if you normally shave, you need about half an inch of hair in order to give the wax something to adhere to, so keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

Bikini wax

Lying down on a spa bed, you can keep your underwear on (some spas will have a disposable underwear for you to put on). Wear underwear that isn’t too special as there is the possibility that some wax will get on them. The waxing pro will then apply wax to remove hair on the sides of and above your pubic triangle, but not below it. You may be asked to shift and hold the underwear a bit so the aesthetician has easier access, first for applying the wax, then for the waxing strip.

French bikini wax

This wax goes one step further than the regular bikini wax. In addition to tidying up the sides and top of your pubic triangle, the hair to the sides of your private parts are waxed up to near the bum area. As you might expect, this will be more painful than a regular bikini wax. And it is likely you may be asked to remove your underwear entirely so that it’s easier for the aesthetician to access those regions. A French wax may also call for bending and/or opening your legs wider for that same reason.

Brazilian bikini wax

The Brazilian wax gets rid of all the hair down there — all of it — unless you ask for a small landing strip or triangle (or you can get fancy at some spas and ask for letters or designs). All of the hair next to your private parts is removed, including in the bum area if you wish. Typically, you don’t wear any underwear during a Brazilian and you will have to bend and move your leg even more than during a French wax, and, if you wish to have your bum area waxed, you’ll have to turn on your side and help hold your butt cheek up a bit.

The Brazilian is the most painful of the three waxes, and often the most painful part is removing the hair right on your privates. But, of course, everyone’s threshold of pain is different. Throughout any waxing procedure, just take deep breaths, letting them out slowly as the strips are ripped off. Before you know it, your wax will be done.

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