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Get the most flattering bangs for you


What do Nicole Richie, Rose Byrne and Zooey Deschanel all have in common right now? They all have a great fringe that suits them perfectly. To find the fringe that suits you, here are some pointers.

Bangs for your face shape

Cutting bangs can be nervewracking — a few quick snips and you may end up with a fringe that doesn’t suit you. You’ll have to live with it for weeks and weeks before it grows out. It becomes a bad hair day every day!

You can, of course, prevent a hair disaster. Start with the stylist who knows your hair and your personal style. He or she should know how to deal with your texture, thickness and any cowlicks. Still not sure? Then ease your fears by booking a consultation beforehand to discuss your fringe options. And be prepared — a fringe means extra trips to the salon for regular trimming. It’s a commitment, but you’ll be glad to know that your regular stylist likely won’t charge you for this service.

Still interested in a fringe? Here are some general hairstyle rules for inspiration.

If you have an oval face

Lucky! You can really go with any style of fringe (much like how you can get away with many different hairstyles). The shape of your face lends itself well to shorter or longer bangs, which can be styled straight down, swept to the side or even parted in the middle.

If you have a square face

Heavier bangs will work well to accentuate your features if they’re on the longer side (think just under your brows). Go with a fairly blunt cut, with a little shorn off in the centre to lighten the fringe a little, if you wish.

Bangs for your face shapeIf you have a round face

Heavier bangs cut in a gentle arc will highlight your soft features. The soft curve to the fringe will play up your face shape without making it appear rounder and heavier.

If you have a heart-shaped face

Lighter, feathered bangs that can be swept to the side will add balance to the face, by downplaying the forehead and drawing the eye more towards the centre of your face.

If you have a small forehead

Sideswept bangs cut at an angle will help disguise the short distance between your brows and hairline (whereas blunt, straight-across bangs would put it in the spotlight).

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