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Blue accent pieces

Temperatures are heating up, but don’t say goodbye to the cool tones of winter just yet. Instead, use your favorite shades of blue to add refreshing touches to your existing decor. Try our favorite accessory picks, and soon you’ll see having the blues has never looked so good!

Because of its pleasing colour, blue is one of the easiest hues to incorporate into home decor. Whether by itself, or combined with other colours, it just looks good — and it makes your home look good, too! There are many ways to use blue throughout your home. Here are some ideas for accenting with blue in your bedroom, dining room and living room.

  1. Henny Cirkel duvet and pillowcase, Ikea, $40
  2. Teal low-profile Go Lamp, Target, $33
  3. Louisa chest,, $175
  4. Aquamarine Mariposa pillar holder, Z-Gallerie, $13
  5. Bindi Stripe Swoon pillow,, $20
  6. 8 x 11-foot Boundary chenille area rug,, $223

  1. Peacock ruffled napkin (set of four), Z-Gallerie, $24 
  2. Blue ceramic teapot,, $8 
  3. Decorative metal tray, Target, $18 
  4. Hand-painted dotted dinnerware set, West Elm, $19 to 32
  5. Home Decorators Carmel blue dining chair, Home Depot, $149
  6. Coralli blue napkin ring, Crate and Barrel, $4

  1. Peacock button-tufted chaise settee, Target, $384
  2. Tavo blue vase, Crate and Barrel, $30
  3. Vincent tufted slipper chair,, $239
  4. Masala 24-inch pillow, Z-Gallerie, $70
  5. Skye indigo rectangular coffee table, Crate and Barrel,  $399
  6. Decorative accent table, Target $60

Blues that aren’t blue

There’s more to blue than just navy and sky. In fact, there’s a wide range of gorgeous hues that fall within the blue family. For blues with a touch of green, try shades of turquoise, aquamarine and robin’s egg. For hues straight from nature, go for stone, charcoal and gray blues.

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Our favorite blue colour combinations

Blue and white decor

Blue and white

Pair these two colours to create contrast throughout your space. Blue accessories pop against a white backdrop, instantly creating focal points. Throw in a few extra finishes, like polished silver accents, and you’ll have yourself a serene space that’s both soothing and inviting!

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blue and yellow teen room

Blue and yellow

As opposites on the colour wheel, blue and yellow are naturally complementary. This means, you can’t go wrong when pairing them together. The key to complementary colour schemes is choosing colours with a similar hue, or colour intensity. It’s also good to include an anchor colour, such as white or gray, within the scheme to keep everything in balance.

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Blue monochromatic

If you’re a blue fanatic, then a monochromatic colour scheme is for you! Choose your favorite tones of blue, including darker and lighter shades, then contrast throughout your room. Add a hint of silver and white accents to keep your design from feeling too heavy, and use reflective surfaces, like mirrors, to bounce light throughout the room.

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