Surviving your first vacation with your boyfriend

Being compatible when you’re in the comfort of your own home is one thing, but travelling with your boyfriend is a different ball game. Travel brings stress — but by following a few simple rules, you two will get along swimmingly. You’ll soon be talking about where to go on your next vacation.

Couple on vacationBook a vacation you both are happy with

Before you even set foot on foreign soil, make sure each of you is clear on what you’re looking for. If you want to go to a city and shop all day and see every sight there is to see, while he’s feeling really burnt-out and just wants to lie on a beach, forcing him to come on your vacation (or vice versa) is a recipe for disaster. Find a destination that allows you each to fulfill your travel wish list, at least partially (consider splitting up for a day or two, so you hit the shops while he hits the beach); or, find one vacation that suits you both, and take that other vacation with your girlfriends.

Discuss budget ahead of time

Save yourself much stress and misunderstanding by discussing money ahead of time. He may want to dine at all of the finest restaurants, while you like to find inexpensive restaurants where the locals dine. Same goes with your accommodations. If you haven’t even discussed them, much less booked in advance, once you get to your destination you might find yourselves with widely different requirements as to where to stay and how much you’re willing to pay for a room.

Spend time apart

Yes, the whole point of the trip together, is to, well, be together! But — and this is especially key if your vacation is longer than a week — taking time for yourself is something you both need. It gives you each some breathing room and time to just be you. So relax over your coffee and pain au chocolat while he checks out that museum that interests him so much. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say.

Make new friends

Spark up the chat with people at your resort or beside you at the coffee shop and it will add a whole new dynamic to your trip. Hanging out with your new buddies will give you fresh new conversations, and give your relationship a new rapport. You’ll have other people to chat about, and it’ll take the focus off just the two of you.

Sure, a first vacation with the boyfriend may be nerve wracking. But try not to get too worked up about it ahead of time or you’ll just be hypersensitive to anything and everything that could go wrong. Relax and enjoy — after all, wasn’t that the point of taking time off to begin with?

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