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5 Easy healthy-eating resolutions

Made a resolution to eat healthier this year but not sure how to keep it? Here are five easy healthy-eating resolutions you’ll have no trouble following.

A glass of wine and dark chocolate

Health conscious resolutions always top the list each year, but they never seem to stick. This year, make that resolution a reality with these five easy healthy-eating resolutions.

Eat in one night a week

Make the decision to eat in and cook your dinner at least once a week. This allows you to be in control of what goes into your meal as well as how much ends up on your plate. The inordinate amount of bad fats and processed foods at restaurants is no secret. Although restaurants have been making strides to become more health conscious, your health is ultimately up to you. Staying in and preparing your own meal from start to finish brings awareness of and control over what you are putting into your body.

Eat local

Accomplish this resolution by purchasing locally grown foods and patronizing locally owned restaurants. Purchasing locally grown foods means you get to reap the benefits of the full nutritional value of the foods you consume. Foods that are shipped across the globe to your local supermarket are exposed to more contaminants and have less nutritional value due to the way they are harvested. The other aspect of eating locally is dining at locally owned restaurants. Locally owned restaurants are more likely to use local ingredients and be willing to customize menu items to meet your dietary needs.

Eat more dark chocolate and drink more red wine

As if you needed an excuse to indulge in decadent dark chocolate or sumptuous red wine! Both dark chocolate and red wine are full of antioxidants, which protect against damage from free radicals. Not only that, but dark chocolate and red wine also aid in heart and cardiovascular health and increase good cholesterol.

Drink water instead

Replace that soda or juice habit with water. Soda and juice are high in sugar and added sugar puts more stress on the body. Beverages like soda, juice and coffee may also introduce other unnecessary toxins to your body, making your system work harder to eliminate them. Water cleanses and regulates your body and helps keep your energy levels high. Not to mention, water is calorie-free. By choosing water instead of high-calorie drinks, you can cut your overall caloric intake and aid in weight loss.

Eat fish twice a week

The health benefits of fish, specifically oily fish, have long been touted and it’s time to adopt this healthy food into your regular diet. Incorporate fish into your weekly menu twice a week. Salmon, trout, oysters and tuna are the fish with the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are integral to heart and brain health.

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