Real women share: Diet resolutions that stick

Every year, women across the world make the same New Year’s resolution: “This year, I’ll lose weight!” By March, most of us are still cramming our faces with junk food and haven’t lost a pound.

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Why don’t we keep our weight-loss resolutions? The reality is, it seems daunting. Weight loss requires big lifestyle changes for most of us. This year, instead of making a sweeping resolution that seems impossible, try focusing on a few easy-to-reach goals that seem a lot more doable. SheKnows asked real women what really works for them.

Eat better foods more often

Eating healthier, smaller meals more frequently keeps your energy up and prevents you from pigging out when you wait too long. Joni Moore, a certified health coach who lost over 100 pounds last year says, “as soon as I started feeding my body every 2-1/2 to 3 hours… the weight just started to come off.”

But it’s not all about smaller, more frequent meals. Stay-at-home mom Kelly Carter suggests that you also “eat lots of high-fiber, lower-fat foods, increase your intake of fresh fruits and veggies, and opt for leaner proteins.”

Drink more water

Shira Miller, a PR professional who has maintained her 50-pound weight loss for 19 years, recommends drinking lots of water. “Make water your best friend,” she suggests. It keeps your skin in peak condition, rids your body of toxins and keeps you from overeating. Shira continues, “starting the day off with a cup of hot water is great for your tissues… It helps me feel full… In fact, if I’m hungry, I drink water first to see if that does the trick, and sometimes it takes the pangs away.”

If you need a morning pick-me-up and hot water just won’t do it, opt for tea instead of coffee. Tea won’t dehydrate you as much.

Get help from your smartphone

In this chaotic world, most of us are never without our smartphones. You can find apps to help you with everything from tracking your intake to discovering restaurants with healthy choices.

Busy marketing professional Sarah Young says, “I use the 80Bites app for the iPhone. I pull out my phone at meals and track bites, which is easier for me than points [or] food combinations to keep track of. I’m starting to learn when I am full.”

Find a meal-ending ritual

To keep yourself from the temptation of another helping you don’t really need, end your meal with a ritual that signals your brain it’s time to stop eating. Ty Brooks managed to lose that dreaded baby weight with this interesting (and smile-friendly) tip: “After a sensible meal, I brush my teeth and it puts the kibosh on any thoughts of eating more of a good meal — or adding dessert!”

Stop torturing yourself!

Everyone knows the key to successful weight loss is staying active. But that doesn’t mean you have to make yourself miserable. Emily Sandford, who lost over 100 pounds in the last two years and blogs about her journey as Skinny Emmie, says, “Find activities that you really enjoy doing. I’ve experimented with walking, distance running, hot yoga, spinning, Zumba, kettlebells and more. Some things I loathe, and some I love. It’s all about finding things that keep your interest.”

Think long-term

No matter which of these tips you decide to try, keep in mind it’s about permanent change. Cate O’Malley, who finally took off the pounds after 40 years, says, “it’s not about an end goal. It’s about the journey. If you are dieting for a specific occasion, a special dress, or what have you, it just won’t stick.”

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