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How to go to the spa on a budget

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the spa, but getting pampered is not generally easy on the pocketbook. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on luxurious treatments because you’re on a budget. Here are a six ways to enjoy the spa while cutting back on expenses.

Spa treatments on a budget

Your mission this year is to save money. But as much as you want to pinch your pennies, you can’t let go of your spa treatments. After all, you still need to get your hair cut, and you can’t let your glowing complexion get dull and spotty. Not to worry, though. Here are a few ways to still get to the spa without breaking the bank.

Sign up for group-buying websites, such as Groupon and Fab Find

Keep your eyes peeled for deals on spa treatments. You can save upwards of 70 percent off of full price on services ranging from microdermabrasion to laser hair removal.

Visit your spa during downtimesGet a massage on a budget

If you can fit it into your schedule, treatments are often at a reduced rate during the week when the spa is less busy. Spend some time researching spa specials online, too – St. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario, for example, has a list of last-minute getaways at a cheaper rate. “When we’re trying to fill occupancy on a room and customers are trying to save money, these last-minute getaways are a win-win for both of us,” says St. Anne’s spokesperson Katriona Dean. The spa also offers a men-stay-free promotion annually (take note, it can be your mom or girlfriend, not just your hubby, accompanying you). Inquire at your favourite spas for their upcoming promotions.

Be a hair model

Check in at some local salons as to whether they need any hair models and you could get cut and colour for free. One caveat: the stylists usually have particular looks they are looking to achieve, so you may not be the right fit for the look (or you may not want an asymmetrical bob, for example).

Get your manicure at the same time as your pedicure

Save time and money by getting both your nails and your toes done at the same appointment – many nail salons offer a price break on a mani/pedi job.

Invest in a series of spa treatments

You’ll have a greater outlay of cash up front, which might be hard to part with all at once, but when you know you plan on getting a facial every month, it’s worth paying up front for five or 10, which usually translates into saving money on each individual facial versus paying as you go.

Book your appointment with a student

Book your treatment (whether it be a cut or colour) at a school and your bill will be a fraction of what it’d cost at a salon. You should be a patient type of client, though, as the appointment will likely take longer as the student will be consulting and learning from their instructor while working on your ‘do.

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