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How to wear sequins as part of your holiday wardrobe

When it comes to seasonally sartorial decisions, there’s a fine line between looking glam or gaudy. Yes, you want to sparkle and shine, but you definitely don’t want to outdo the Christmas tree. To look your finest, follow a few of these festive style tips. They’ll help you shimmer and shine in all the right ways this holiday season.

Wear sequins the right way this holiday seasonSparkles during the day

You can wear things that glimmer like gold to your office — you just have to do it in a subtle way. Instead of busting out a fabulous sparkly frock, accent a neutral outfit with a sparkly brooch or wear a tank top with a metallic sheen under a well-cut blazer. You can also reach for bedazzled scarves, stockings, belts and toques. It’s always important to keep in mind the dress code of your office. The more professional your space, the less “blingy” you may want to go with your outfit.

Go neutral

If you’ll be wearing a sequin dress that you know really stands out in a crowd, keep the rest of your outfit neutral. This will ensure your look is sophisticated and polished instead of slightly schizophrenic. For example, pair a sparkly frock with black tights and black shoes, and avoid wearing too much jewellery.

If you’re more adventurous and feel like rocking a pair of sequin pants (which are very “in” right now, thanks to labels like Joe Fresh), wear them with a neutral-toned high heel and a white, preppy, collared top. Other key neutrals to pair with sparkles include grey, dark brown and cream.

Keep your makeup simple

Glitter is really a no-no, especially if you’re a grown woman who wants to wear sparkles to an office party or in a professional setting. If you want to add some sheen to your face, opt for shimmery eyeshadows or blushes with a little bit of sparkle. Beauty products should never detract from an ensemble; instead, create a look that complements the outfit you’re wearing.

Be confident

Wearing sparkles or sequins is a bold sartorial decision (regardless of the time of year you’re wearing them), and it’s one you should fully embrace. If you feel like wearing a sequined miniskirt, wear it proudly. Confidence will help you rock any bedazzled outfit with grace and style.

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