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5 Must-have school supplies

School supplies are more than just pencils, paper and glue. Today’s school supplies should encourage your child’s creativity while enhancing his learning experience. Check out these cool, must-have school supplies that your kids will appreciate.

USB flash drive

1USB flash drive

Though it’s not expensive, a flash drive is essential for any student. It plugs it into your USB port and allows your child to store and transport any data from one computer to another. This is perfect for students who work on projects or papers at school that they need to bring home to finish. Flash drives can be simple and plain, or feature fun colors and characters. Check out the cool collection of USB flash drives at They are shaped like everything from sushi to Star Wars characters.

Solar backpack

2Solar backpack

Go green with a solar backpack. With just an hour in the sun, this Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack will create enough power for three hours of talk time on a typical cell phone. It can quickly charge all your electronics. This fuctional backpack is created from recycled soda bottles. It’s comfortable, lightweight and waterproof. The fully-padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 17-inch laptop. It has several other pockets and compartments, too, for sunglasses, MP3 players, cables, water bottles and other essentials.

iPad 2

3iPad 2

Send your son or daughter off to college with the iPad 2. This unit is lighter, thinner and faster than the original. It’s fantastic for research, watching movies and TV shows, playing video games, doing homework or just surfing the Web. Users can shoot HD video, take high-quality photos and communicate with FaceTime. The iPad 2 starts at $499. Learn more at

Green lunch boxes

4Green lunchboxes

Eco-friendly school supplies are all the rage. Check out the stainless steel PlanetBox, for example. Suited for the green generation, these lunchboxes are a safe, non-toxic alternative to typical plastic containers. You can also purchase these cool magnet sets in various themes to go along with the PlanetBox, so that your child can decorate her lunchbox in style.

Locker wallpaper

5Locker wallpaper

That’s right: We’re talking wallpaper for your child’s locker. Encourage creativity with wallpaper designed just for school lockers. It requires no adhesive; instead, it hangs with the included magnets. Your child can choose from eight different patterns. Learn more about locker wallpaper, as well as dry-erase boards, mirrors, bins, rugs, flowers and even chandeliers for school lockers at

Check out these tips for decorating school supplies in this video:

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