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Create a homework space

A homework space for your child doesn’t have to involve a desk. Find out how your child best learns, and then think outside the box to create an individualized homework space suited for your student. Here are some ideas for creating a homework space for your child.

Mom helping son with homework

1Understand your child’s study style.

Not all students study and learn in the same way. Some concentrate best in a group setting, some need soft music to help them absorb the material, and still others like to be alone to get their homework done. Find out how your child studies best and help him set up a homework area that is most beneficial for his study style. If your child works best in a group, challenge him through his assignments (but don’t do them for him), and set up a study/homework session once a week with another student who shares many of his classes.

2Ditch the desk.

Just because your child isn’t sitting at a desk doesn’t mean he’s not learning. After dinner, set up the kitchen table as a study station while you finish up the dishes and get the next day’s lunch ready. This way, you can be nearby in case your children have questions or need help with their assignments. Or, if your child likes to listen to music as she completes her homework, let her listen to her iPod in a casual corner of your family room or in her bedroom. Though soft music is OK, don’t let your child convince you that she learns best while watching iCarly on the Disney channel. Television is too much of a distraction and should be turned off during homework time.

3Let in the light.

Make sure your child works in sufficient light. Teenagers especially tend to dwell in dark areas while cranking out homework. Before you finalize your child’s homework space, make sure that the area is well lit to help your child get through his homework without straining his eyes.

4Organize, organize, organize.

A desk piled sky-high with notebooks, loose papers and textbooks isn’t conducive to a serious study session. With the help of a few organizational tools, you can create a homework space that is well organized. Regardless of where you and your child decide to set up her homework space, make sure you keep a calendar marked with important homework deadlines, test dates and study session appointments. Don’t forget pens, pencils, calculator, etc. Keep handy all the materials and accessories your child will need to complete his assignments without interruption or distraction.

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