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Summer skin secrets

Sunburns, bug bites and dry skin are all common side effects of the hot summer sun. To keep your skin healthy and happy despite the heat, follow these 10 summer skin secrets.

Woman applying sunscreen

1Scrub down

The summer heat can dry you out, contributing to scaly, rough skin. To keep your skin soft and smooth, give yourself a full-body exfoliating scrub every few days. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on specialty exfoliation products — simply rub granulated sugar on your face and body while in the shower.

2Hydrate inside

All that summer sun will cause your body to sweat out liquids, potentially leading to dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, your skin will look papery, thin and worn. Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking water regularly throughout the day.

3Hydrate outside

Applying a daily moisturizer will help keep your skin supple while also warding off summertime dryness. Choose an oil-free option with full-spectrum SPF to help prevent break-outs while protecting your skin from the sun.

4Screen everything

If you think that a moisturizer with SPF will sufficiently protect your skin during the summer, you’re wrong. It’s a great starting point, but when you know you’re going to be outside for any extended period of time, you need to apply sunscreen to all of your exposed skin every few hours. Don’t forget easy-to-miss spots like your lips, feet and ears.

5Battle bugs

Nothing kills a summer picnic faster than feeling like you’re being eaten alive by bugs. Make your own safe, minty bug spray by combining a half teaspoon of spearmint in a spray bottle with one cup isopropyl alcohol and one cup water. Carry a bottle with you whenever you head outdoors and simply shake before you spray.

6Tint yourself

Despite all the sunscreen you’ll be applying this summer, chances are your skin will still deepen a few shades. Rather than buying a new, darker foundation, mix a small amount of liquid bronzer into your foundation. It will more closely match your skin tone, while also giving you a nice glow.

7Fight the itch

Even the best summer is likely to include a bug bite or two. Cut through your skin’s irritation with a homemade mix of baking soda and water. For especially itchy bites, add a drop of lavender oil — natures’ natural anti-itch remedy.

8Treat heat rash

All that sun can cause hot, inflamed and itchy patches on your skin. Whenever you experience heat rash, apply a mix of aloe vera and lavender oil to your skin as a natural anti-inflammatory.

9Banish blisters

Most people are more active during the summer months. If you find your shoes are rubbing you the wrong way, ease those blisters by applying a few drops of tamanu oil, a product that will help your skin heal more quickly.

10Soothe sunburn

If you forget to apply sunscreen and end up with an unfortunate burn, soothe the heat with aloe vera gel — just make sure you choose a product with at least 95 percent aloe vera for maximum relief.

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