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Decorating with mural wallpaper

For centuries, murals have been making artistic statements on wallsÂ… your wall can be as detailed and classic as the frescos created by the great Italian Renaissance painters like Michelangelo or as simple and modern as your imagination takes you.

woman applying wallpaper

Decorate with style

“Murals are a wonderful way to bring interest to a space, especially when there is a lack of architectural detail. Painting is what one usually perceives as a typical mural. If you are not an experienced painter, you can use a stencil for small designs or trace your image onto the wall using an overhead projector,” explains interior decorator Christine Newell of Interchanges in Oakville, and is remembered for her many appearances on W Network’s The Decorating Challenge.

“The sky is the limit with your colours; you can use oils, acrylics or latex paint. When the mural is completed you can distress it with a crackle medium, age it with brown or sepia tones or glaze it. I painted a mural of faux drawers and doors on a space beneath a bar and then I installed real hardware on the painted doors and drawers to give the mural dimension,” states the interior decorator.

Using a mural wallpaper is a great alternative to painting since the wallpaper mural can be a wonderful focal point in a room. Mural wallpapers are pre-pasted just like any other wallpaper and are available is many sizes at wallpaper stores. You can also create a mural using ceramic tiles that are pre-designed with images that fit together like a puzzle.

You don’t have to restrict your murals to just the inside of your house. Outside murals created with durable latex paint can brighten up an unsightly backyard shed or a beat-up old fence.

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