Giving small spaces the illusion of grandeur

Grand designs can make even the tiniest of spaces seem large. The trick to furnishing a condo is to give it the illusion of grandeur, to make even the smallest of spaces appear larger — buying furniture to scale and placing it properly will do just that.

Decorating a small room

“The biggest trend in condo furniture is multi-functional pieces that provide storage, such as coffee table tops that can be raised to accommodate a laptop or small dining table, a side table that doubles as a hamper, a bed with storage underneath or at the foot of the bed, or a Murphy bed with storage,” explains Kendall Williams of Toronto-based, Kendall & Co., Interior Design & Décor.

Williams says that in a small space, you want to keep everything monochromatic — keeping one colour that flows through in the tone of the walls, upholstery and leather in the seating areas and draperies to give a feeling of more space.

“Condo sofas are scaled down to 150-160 centimetres from the old sofas of the past, which are as large as 200-250 centimetres in dimension.” With sofas, everything is about showing legs — no more skirts that go to the floor — legs give a more airy appearance. Place your seating grouping away from the walls to create a feeling that you are being opulent and you have enough room to spare.

“What is happening now in furniture design is Italian and Scandinavian influences made for function first,” he adds.

Williams recommends trying to maximize the height of your condo with tall storage and cabinets. He suggests keeping windows unobstructed; this will give you the feel of a much larger unit. You can also use big mirrors to create the look of an extension of your space.

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