Tips: Decorating with baskets

If the clutter around your house makes you feel like a basket case… then baskets might just be what you need. Jennifer Grace Sanginesi of JGS Design suggest using decorative baskets to add style and functionality to any room. No matter how organized you are, you’ll agree that there will always be a need for extra storage. Here are a few tips to get you started.

decorating with baskets

All shapes and sizes

“Baskets come in many different materials like rattan or twig. You can buy removable cloth inserts that can be washed so your baskets always look nice and clean. You can get them in an array of sizes, shapes and styles — round, square and tubular forms… with or without lids.”

“They are lightweight, really good for children’s spaces, the kitchen, home office, basement and rec. room. Baskets are good in bathrooms for your personal products and bedrooms for your linens. You can pick baskets up everywhere, at home décor, fabric, hardware or large department stores,” adds Sanginesi.

decorating your basket

You might find it very hard to paint an image on a basket unless the basket is flush, so Sanginesi suggests decorating your basket with a paint technique that makes it look weathered or washed. She also recommends attaching trim, beading or ribbon to make the basket prettier.

According to the interior designer, if you plan to use a collection of baskets — select baskets in the same color scheme, but ones that vary in size. Try stacking two on top of each other and place one larger basket beside for balance.

proceed with cautious

Sanginesi cautions that throwing a pillow on an upside down basket for extra seating can be dangerous, unless the basket has been fitted with a structure from the inside that supports weight.

And if you are stumped, try contacting an interior designer, who can readily help solve storage problems with a design concept especially suited to your needs.

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