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10 Cheap ways to perk up your home

Giving your home a mid-winter facelift doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune. There are many ways to add stylish touches to your space on the cheap. We’ve put together some simple ways to perk up your place without putting a strain on your wallet.

Woman painting

1Update with paint

It’s not uncommon to have half-filled paint cans collecting dust in the garage or basement. Put leftovers to good use by perking up a tired piece of furniture. Tired end tables, stools and chairs can be transformed (and colour-coordinated to other items) with a simple coat or two of paint.

2Feature your photos

We all have countless photos on laptops and camera that never see the light of day. Choose several of the best, have them printed [or do it yourself], pop them into frames and hang them on a large wall in need of some jazzing up. Why buy pricey art when you can show off your gorgeous friends and family [and photography skills] for much less?

3Go for greenery

Adding plants to rooms that get enough light to sustain them is a quick and affordable way to perk up your home. Add herb pots to kitchen window ledges, and larger plants in ornate urns can instantly take empty corners from drab to dazzling.

4Get organized

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve the look of your home is to get rid of clutter. Anything you don’t like or use should be tossed or donated to charity. Baskets and bins from the dollar store make it easy to keep counters free of errant objects, and larger plastic bins from hardware stores make a great storage solution for shoes and bulkier items.


5Rearrange furniture

You can completely change the look and feel of a room just by moving the furniture around. Think about some possible new layout options for your living room, den or even bedroom and start shifting and rearranging. All it takes is a little creativity and of course, muscle.

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