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Valentine’s Day: How to ask him out

Ah, remember back in high school when the only reason you kept showing up to algebra on time was so you could scope out your crush and try to gather up the nerves to actually talk to him? Well maybe you missed your chance back then because you were too shy or nervous, but this Valentine’s Day it is time to step out of your shell and make your move! Instead of waiting for the newest crush in your life to ask you out, we have seven tips for asking him out — and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

couple on a date

Make sure he’s single
Make sure that the guy you are planning to ask out is single. If he’s a co-worker or a friend of a friend ask around–you should investigate that ahead of time.

Walk the talk!
Get him talking before you actually ask him out. Spark up a conversation with him ahead of time to see if you have anything in common, that way when you ask him out you can suggest something specific. Maybe he mentioned a concert, game or restaurant that he likes or wants to checkout. That way when you make your move you can invite him to something you know he has an interest in.

Get some face-to-face time
Ask him out face-to-face. Try to avoid emails, texting and especially Facebook. Using technology as a crutch seems like a good idea but if you really want this date put your best foot forward and ask him out in person or if that isn’t possible give him a call.

The best you!
Look your best when you decide to ask him out. There is no need to go over the top, but wear a flattering outfit that gives you an extra boost of confidence. Don’t wear clothes or makeup you normally wouldn’t wear because you want him to say ‘yes’ to you, not to the person you are dressed up as.

Also make sure that you smell nice, have fresh breath and touch up your makeup. Just remember to be yourself, but the best you.

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