Simple and romantic Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas

So you are excited to have someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day and are wracking your brain for romantic gift and date ideas. Below are some simple but romantic gift and date ideas to show that special someone how much he or she means to you!

Loving couple At h ome cooked meal

It’s been said that a sure way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so why not try cooking a nice dinner at home? It doesn’t have to be something gourmet or fancy, but the effort you put into making the meal, along with some candles and soft music is a great way to spend a cozy Valentine’s Day! Another idea is to surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed.

Have a spa day

Treat your special someone to a spa package, even if it’s just a few hours. Spend the day getting pampered together at the spa, with couples’ massages, for example.

Chocolate and flowers

The traditional route on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring. To change it up a bit, consider getting that special someone their favourite flowers instead of simply getting red roses. Is there a type of chocolate they like specifically? Adding a more personal touch to the classic gift will definitely make your partner feel special!

Get writing

If you’re good with words, try writing a letter or poem that you could read to your loved one. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare. If writing isn’t your forte, you could still be creative and make your own Valentine’s Day card. Personalize it with your partner’s favourite love quotes and passages. The effort you put into the poem or card is what counts!

Little surprises

Sometimes it’s nice to just leave little surprises around for your Valentine. They don’t have to be bought or big, just little reminders of your affection. Examples may include little love notes slipped into your Valentine’s lunch box, lit scented candles in his or her room, or even just playing a special song and asking your Valentine to dance.

Whatever you choose to do for your Valentine, the more you personalize it, the more your Valentine will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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