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3 Winter outfits to keep you warm and fashionable


During the winter we can get caught up wearing only our bulky and over-sized sweaters, which are definitely cozy and trendy, but there are so many fab winter looks to try, so why limit yourself? We have three winter outfits that are sure to spike your inspiration — so hopefully next time you head out you won’t go straight for your biggest sweater. Just remember that you can look stylish all winter and stay warm by adding a wool coat and few layers to any outfit!

Hitting the Town

For this look, we combined a pair of skinny jean leggings, booties and a printed top to create a chic and stylish evening look. An outfit like this is not only incredibly simple, but you probably have everything in your closet already!

It is super simple to mix this outfit up all winter long by adding different accessories, a colourful print top or cardigan (especially great if you tend to get chilly whenever you take your coat off). Or if you have over-the knee boots, those would be perfect for adding edge to this look.






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Street Style

For this look, we combined pieces that are great for wearing during the day and at night. An outfit like this is perfect if you are out in the afternoon and know you won’t have time to change before you hit the town for the night.

By dressing up daytime pieces (skinny jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket) with chic accessories and heels, you can easily wear something like this all-day or night long — you can make it more or less evening by changing the shirt to a blouse, or by wearing flat boots instead of heels.






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Boho Queen

For this cozy, boho chic look, we combined a cable-knit sweater dress with knee-high boots and added a belt to give this sweater shape. To make this outfit winter-appropriate, thick tights and a warm coat are definitely necessary — but this look is great for the sweater-lovers, because you can stay toasty while looking fabulous. To take this outfit from boho to evening wear all you would need to do is change up the accessories, add a sleek clutch and pair of pumps! Very versatile for winter.




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