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10 Gift ideas for your pets

Maybe your furry friend isn’t exactly on your nice list, especially after your favourite shoes went missing in the yard… Still, our pets are near and dear to us, so while you are out buying gifts for friends and family, don’t forget your pets.

Dog worn out from Christmas |

Surprise your furry family members with something special, and who knows? Maybe a new toy will distract them from chewing on your Christmas light cables or nibbling on your holiday dinner before it gets to the table! We’ve got the perfect pet Christmas gift ideas for any cat or dog.


Jellyfish catnip toy

Jellyfish catnip toy |

Cats love catnip, so why not surprise your favourite furball with this Jellyfish catnip toy? It’s made from eco-felt and contains 100 per cent organic catnip! (, $6)


Stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers |

Dogs like stockings too! Here is a cute vintage-inspired stocking for your favourite pup. Not only is it cute, but this “woof” stocking is filled with toys Fido is sure to love! (, $39)


Kitty Krinkle cane

Kitty candy cane |

For kittens who can’t get enough of wrapping paper, boxes or anything that crinkles, surprise them with this cute and soft Kitty Krinkle cane. It’s much safer, and you won’t have to worry about your kitty ingesting Christmas decorations. (, $9)


Bungee bone

Bungee bone |

Made from canvas and filled with 100 per cent unprocessed hemp fibre, this hemp bungee bone is safe for your dog and will keep him out of the kitchen, away from your holiday meal. (, $19)


Snowflake cat collar

Snowflake cat collar |

Get your cat in the holiday spirit with this cute snowflake collar! They’ll love looking festive just as much as you do! (, $8)


Bling for pups!

Bling for dogs |

Have your pup looking stylish with a rhinestone dog charm for her collar. Who can resist a little sparkle? If your dog is a bit of a diva, she will love these! (, prices vary)


Modern scratchers

Modern scratcher |

Some cat scratchers are huge and unattractive, making them impractical in some homes. If your cat likes to scratch everything from your couch to your leg, get him this Scratch Lounge 3-sided cat scratcher. It looks great, doesn’t take up an entire room and will save your furniture. (, $25)


Zen water and food dish set

Zen water and food dish |

Are your pet’s food bowls starting to chip? Surprise your pet with a Zen water and food dish set. These bowls are designed with an oval shape so cats and dogs can eat comfortably, without their ears or whiskers getting in their food or water! (, prices vary)


Pet bed

Pet bed |

Is your pet’s bed starting to look worn and dingy, or do they like to call your bed their own? It might be a good time to get them a new, cozy bed. This Animal Planet micro-suede pet bed is for both cats and dogs and can be opened flat to create a plush mat. (, prices vary)


Spa gift set for pets

Spa gift set |

To keep your furry friend smelling great, get him the Olive spa gift set, which contains all-natural, flea-repelling soap, shampoo and fur spritzer to keep his coat shiny and soft! The products are 100 per cent biodegradable and made with natural oils, like peppermint, rosemary and lavender, so they’re gentle enough for any pup. (, $30)

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