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Tips to decorate your home for winter

As the temperature drops outside, it’s time to make inside feel more cozy, especially with the holidays approaching. Read on for tips on how to decorate your house for winter.

Bowl of chestnuts

1Use warm coloured accents

To make your home look and feel warmer, use warmer colours, like browns. You don’t need to go out and buy brown furniture, you can make small additions of warm accents. Change your couch pillow cases to a warmer texture and colour. Add a throw or two on the couch to make it more inviting. A few touches really brings a warmer atmosphere to your home during winter and the upcoming holidays.

2The magic of candles

Adding candles to your décor is a great way to make it more inviting. Consider buying scented candles, like cinnamon spice or vanilla, to give your home an inviting scent. Imagine a quiet night in on a snowy night with your living room illuminated by candles. It really adds a nice touch.

3Add some cheer to your home

With the holidays coming up, why not add some holiday decorations to your home. What else can you do besides putting up a Christmas tree and hanging stockings on the fireplace? Fill a vase up with sparkling ornaments and use it as a centerpiece on your dining table. Display a bowl of candy canes or chocolates on your coffee table. Wrap some garland around your staircase handle. Buy a poinsettia plant to add some nice Christmas colour to your winter decor. Hang a wreath on a door inside your home. The possibilities are endless!

4Display a basket of chestnuts

There’s something about chestnuts roasting that reminds us of the holidays. Why not use chestnuts and walnuts as part of your winter décor? Set out a nice bowl or basket of chestnuts and walnuts, along with a nutcracker. The natural warm colours in the nuts will add a real warmth to your home. If you have a fireplace, display the basket of chestnuts next to the fireplace, ready for roasting!

5Use a holiday themed welcome mat

With the wet, snowy weather ahead, it’s time to set out those welcome mats that guests can use when they visit. It’s a great idea to decorate the entrance to your home with a Christmas themed welcome mat, as it’s a practical and useful way to make your home cozier to guests.

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