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Green Christmas: Eco-friendly tips to help you achieve a green Christmas

7Time to eat!

If you are purchasing new table linens, this year try to invest in linens made of bamboo or hemp. Bamboo and hemp are some of the world’s fastest growing plants and they need little to no pesticides and insecticides, only water, which is great for the environment and your household — especially if you have family members with allergies. You can find everything you need on sites like and

8Respect your friends and family

Just because you’ve decided to go green, doesn’t mean that everyone you know is obligated to do the same. You should also assume that not everyone wants their gift in the form of a donation, like your 4 year old niece, who would probably prefer a doll or actual toy. As a rule, you just don’t want to push or alienate your friends and family. Also don’t trash gifts they give you that might not be eco-friendly enough — be polite, it’s the holidays!

More ways to go green this holiday season

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