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Green Christmas: Eco-friendly tips to help you achieve a green Christmas

Living a green lifestyle isn’t always easy, especially around the holidays when there are parties, presents and plenty of decorating! Still, having a green Christmas doesn’t have to be impossible — there are small things that everyone in your family can do to go green and be eco-friendly this Christmas, without going overboard!

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Take baby steps

Going green, doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of mullah making the switch or that you have to convert all of your friends and family. Remember, going green is a lifestyle change not an overnight fad, so start small.

2Skip the plastic

People tend to think that fake trees are more eco-friendly than real trees, but in actuality, real trees are much ”greener’. This is because, most fake trees are manufactured and shipped from China, which uses more energy and resources. Also people tend to upgrade their fake trees and that causes extra waste since they are non-recyclable.

However, for those of you picking up a real tree, try to buy one locally grown or from a tree farm where they replant each year. You can also buy a potted or balled [roots still attached] tree so you can replant it after the holidays! For more on the great tree debate Checkout!


When decking the halls and trimming the trees, use LED lights [light-emitting diodes] this season. They cost a bit more upfront but they use 80-90% less energy — they also stay cool to the touch which, is perfect for families with small children and pets. Also a relief if you were worried about your husband channeling Clark Griswold this Christmas!

4Make your own decorations

Making decorations is simple — you can turn almost anything laying around the house into an ornament–pinecones, old Christmas cards and ribbon from last year are great for getting started. For table settings and centerpieces, fruit [pomegranates, oranges, cranberries], pinecones and branches are great — not only are they rustic but you can always add bright [eco-friendly] paint to the branches and pinecones to add a modern look.

5Give green gifts

For starters, buy gifts that don’t need batteries. Give gifts, like clothes made from bamboo or hemp, water bottles made from aluminum or eco-friendly wine for the holidays, these are great ways to give green. Vintage and secondhand gifts, like records, books and clothes are also great. Or for those who have everything you can donate to their favourite charity or give them ski or cooking lessons, or something that gets them out doing something and making memories.

6Who needs wrapping paper

This year wrap your gifts in scarves, newspaper, old magazines or re-use last years bows, bags and wrapping paper. Wrapping scarves are great because they are re-useable and your gift recipient can re-gift them!

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