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Organic products for your pet

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of ourselves, trying to live an organic lifestyle, that we forget about our furry friends. Or maybe you are just having trouble finding cute and fun organic pet products. We’ve found some great organic and eco-friendly pet products, as well as a few specialty sites to help you get your pets living organic!

Woman and dog looking happyKeeping Clean!

Keeping your pups clean can be close to impossible, but when your pup finally tires out from an afternoon of catch or a day of hiking, get them squeaky clean and smelling great with Olive Bubble+Squeak Organic Dog Shaolive-dog-shampoompoo.

This shampoo has a great lavender scent and contains rosemary to calm their dry skin [which will also help to prevent dander]. has plenty of other shampoos and conditioners and a vast selection of organic and eco-friendly products for your pup.


Nap Time

When your furry friend finally decides to take a nap, an organic cotton dog bed is a great place for them to rest their sleepy head. This bed is 100% organic and is made of non-toxic products and is machine washable.

Play Time is a great site if you are looking for organic and eco-friendly pet products. Don;t let the name fool you, the site also offers dog products. One of their specialities are Silly Kitty Catnip toys, which are made from biodegradable materials and organic catnip locally farmed in Canada.

For the dog owners, also offers hemp collars and leads, as well hemp rope chews, which are made of 100% hemp rope — perfect for dogs who love to chew. catnip-kitten-mittens

For the kitten who loves catnip try giving them kitten mittens! Don’t worry, these aren’t actual mittens for your cat — they are little mittens made from fleece and used fabric that you can fill with catnip.

Other sites offering organic and vegan products for your favourite pet:


  • Offers everything from toys to bedding.
  • Offers a great variety of plush rope toys made from bamboo and much more!

Going for a Walk?


If you are looking for a an eco-friendly leash or collar checkout and, both offer great earth-friendly pet products. Not only do these sites offer great eco-alternatives for pets but they also offer plenty of great colours and designs!

Snack Time

If you really want to treat your pets, how about treating them some bakery goods? You can order organic treats and pet foods for your favourite companions from Katie’s Farm, an organic dog bakery. The treats at are made from 100% all natural certified ingredients so you never have to worry about what your pooch or kitten are munching on!

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