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Tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn

Dressing for this time of year can be tricky: one day you’re waking up to frost; the next, the sun is beating down and humidity is 100 percent. To help you transition your wardrobe from warm season to the next, follow a few of these always handy tips and tricks.

Fall woman wearing scarf


Layer, layer, layer

One of the easiest ways to transition your wardrobe smoothly is to layer. Not only will this help you stay on trend, it will also extend the lifespan of the clothes you’ve already stocked your closet with. As nights cool, top sweet summer dresses with jackets or longer sweaters.

Wear long-sleeve shirts underneath. Add leggings or stockings to legs [black bottoms look good under almost anything]. Pop by the GAP to see all of the great options they’ve got available right now for layering. Not only are the prices fantastic, their styles are on-trend and everything’s top-notch in terms of quality.


Add accessories

If purchasing a whole new wardrobe at the beginning of each season’s change isn’t possible [and let’s face it, for most people it isn’t], a great way to update your look is accessories. They’re inexpensive and can also take your daytime look into night. This season, reach for items made of velvet and velour as well as capes and ponchos. Natural-hued pieces and rich reds are hot colours for fall. Scarves are a staple accessory that will always be trendy; any colour goes.


Go for colour

If accessories aren’t your thing and layers make you feel a touch claustrophobic, there’s another simpler way to update your look for fall: add colour! During the summer, we tend to wear a lot of light or bright hues, think white, fluorescent pinks, blues or yellow. Come fall, colours trend toward warmth; chocolate brown, black, purple, red and greens all start making a more prominent appearance on store shelves.

The same colour trending goes for jeans: they go from light and ripped [think holy knees] to dark and more sleek. Simply swapping up colours will help your summer wardrobe go a long way into fall.


Mix up textures

In the summer, we tend to wear lighter fabrics [think silk, cotton]. Come fall, most people opt for items with a cozier texture such as wool or cashmere. So come cooler weather, shift your focus from lighter materials for ones that are a bit heavier. Wear a sweet silk tank under a big wool sweater.

Add a cashmere, long-sleeve T-shirt under a corduroy vest. Mix-and-match items and your wardrobe will look unique as well as fun all fall long!


Get beautiful!

If you can’t afford to swap-up your clothes, look to beauty products for an inexpensive way to update your look for fall. OPI has some incredible nail polish colours that will suit any skin tone, from their Nicole line with edgy shades like Positive Energy-Matte to their new Holiday Magic products with colours like Kiss Me at Midnight. NARS is offering a great limited edition Vintage Nail Polish collection. And turn to MAC for a fun line of makeup called Venomous Villains the shades are inspired by Disney’s Dark Ladies and are perfect for autumn.

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