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Fluffing or staging the house for a faster sale

Real estate agents know that to clinch a deal, a home may need a touch up or a makeover before putting it up for resale. Agents often call upon companies that specialize in enhancing the home by “fluffing” it into shape.

home for sale

Getting ready to sell

“The objective of fluffing is to create a beautiful functional space that invites a potential homebuyer to seriously consider purchasing the home. Fluffing means paying attention to the floor plan, wall colours, lighting, upholstery fabrics, window treatments and balance of the scale of the existing furniture. We get rid of clutter, clean up the surfaces and rearrange furniture so the space appears more open. Next, we pay attention to the colour palette – if it is monochromatic, we add splashes of colour with throw pillows, area rugs, mirrors and artwork,” explains Rhona Ornstein, president of Tish Interiors Design.

Pieces that Ornstein adds to the house can be rented for temporary use purchased by either the current or future homeowner. Ornstein often gets calls from people wanting to fluff their space, although they have no plans to move. When this occurs, the items placed in the home are purchased by the client for permanent use.

Proper staging

When a house isn’t selling and the owners have already moved out…contents and all, Ornstein is often brought in to lift the mood of the environment by “staging” it. Staging creates a home that looks as though it has been lived in.

We do housecleaning, minor internal and external repairs — painting, plumbing, electrical and garden cleanup. We furnish, design or redesign window treatments, add lighting, provide bedding, mirrors and original artwork. All the contents are rented and all come out, unless the new owner wants to purchase it,” adds Ornstein.

Declutter your home for a faster sale

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