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How-to decorate a small bathroom: 7 Basics to remember

Just because your bathroom is the smallest room in your home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun decorating it. Don’t let the small space get you down. Giving your bathroom a stylish makeover is super easy. Just follow these simple steps!

bathroom1Pick a theme

Picking a theme and sticking with it is the simplest way to get started. So before you start decorating, decide on a theme, style or vibe you’d like your bathroom to echo. Your bathroom is a place to unwind and wash off daily stress, so decide what you want it exude: do you want it to feel energizing or relaxing? Maybe you want something more exotic. Deciding between these elements will help you choose the right colours, fixtures and accessories and how to balance them.

2Pick one feature to standout

When decorating a small bathroom, it is important to create a focal point. Adding too many décor elements [bold walls, a standout countertop, a large shower, etc.] can make the space feel cramped and unwelcome. So focus on one element and accessorize with natural or neutral tones. If you want your countertop or crown molding to standout, make sure the rest of bathroom is decorated with light colours. Too many large or bold accessories will make the space feel smaller than it actually is.


Bathrooms collect clutter. So clear your bathroom of any needless items that may overwhelm it. Keeping your belongings organized under the counter in wicker baskets, roll-out drawers or trays is the easiest way to store your stuff. By banishing clutter, you’ll create a more open and airy space, plus your bathroom will be easier to keep clean.

4Spend wisely

Spend your money on accessories that count! The simplest way to decide if you should save or splurge, is to ask yourself what you and your guests will use most. Since you and your guests will be wrapping yourselves in towels, don’t scrimp on quality. Same with fantastic smelling soaps and hand creams. The rest of the accessories [toothbrush holder, a toilet bowl cleaner or a shower curtain] can be bought inexpensively at any design store.

5Add more space

Tearing down a wall isn’t what we would suggest to add more space, but adding an elongated mirror or painting your bathroom a neutral colour are. Mirrors and light colours can give your teeny tiny bathroom a larger appearance [darker colours give the opposite effect]. You can also add lattices or moldings to make the walls feel taller. Combined, these elements can make your bathroom look like it’s befit for a mansion — instead of a bachelor or one-bedroom apartment.

6Choose the right lighting

Natural light is one of the best ways to create a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. So if you don’t have a window, head to your local hardware store and ask them where to find some inexpensive, eco-friendly bulbs. The natural lighting will make your bathroom feel larger and airy… almost spa-like.

7Pick a scent

A great smelling bathroom makes it feel more welcome as well as gives the impression that it is cleaner. If you are expecting company or just want to keep your bathroom smelling great, fill it with lovely scented products – from soap to air fresheners and even flowers. A scented bathroom will seem airy and welcome. [Just make sure not to go overboard with a variety of contrasting scents; this will be way too overpowering for a small space.

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