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How-to take memorable vacation photos

If you’re planning a fun, adventurous vacation, you want to make sure the photos you take are just as memorable as the trip! Here are some tips for taking great travel photos so that you will remember everything about your fabulous vacation.

man taking picture of woman on vacation

Let Your Pictures Tell a Story

Instead of just taking pictures of your planned destination, take pictures of your entire trip — document everything. Having photos from your departure to everything in between, will make sure that no moments are forgotten!

Don’t forget the small moments either. Candid photos of the kids snoozing on the plane or the chaos of the hotel room are great for remembering what happened — they are also much more personal then having dozens of posed photos.

Interact with the Environment

For an interesting and well-balanced scrapbook or photo album [online or off], make sure there are people in your photographs! As a rule, pictures with people in them are much more interesting to friends and family than something that looks like a postcard. So, in between the beautiful scenery, remember to include people in your shots.

Photos are also great for showing scale. If you want to remember just how huge the Grand Canyon was or how tall that wild roller coaster was, take a picture of you in front. Action shots are also great to include in your album; if you went waterskiing or rafting, make sure someone gets a shot of you.

Remember to Include Yourself

Have someone else take photos from time-to-time. If you need to stick your arm out and take pictures to include yourself or if you ask a stranger to take a snap, then do that! Remember you’re not just the designated photographer – it’s your vacation too!

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