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How to get your house to smell great

When you welcome visitors into your home, the first thing they notice is the smell of your house. So if you want to make a great lasting impression on your guests, you need to make sure your home smells great! Here are a few tips to use.

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1Clean, clean, clean

A simple way to keep your home smelling great is to keep it clean! Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, keep dirty laundry in hampers and keep smelly shoes in the closet. Scented cleaners also keep your home smelling fresh and clean. You can also leave your windows open all afternoon to air out your house.

2Freshen up

If you have pets or children, carpet deodorizer is a simple way to get your home smelling great. Sprinkle the carpet deodorizer on before you vacuum. Once you’re finished, every carpeted area of the house will have a fresh scent.

3Dryer sheets are not just for your laundry

If you love the scent of fresh laundry, try putting dryer sheets over the air filters of your air conditioning unit — this will spread the scent of laundry throughout the house.

4Clean up after pets

All pets should be bathed frequently and any cages or litter boxes should be regularly cleaned. This goes a long way toward keeping your house smelling fresh.

5Light candles

Scented candles are an inexpensive way to get your home smelling lovely. You can buy them at many grocery stores and they can provide a wonderful scent without becoming too strong. Place a few candles of your favourite scents in high-traffic locations, especially when you are expecting company. Just make sure to put them out after use and to keep out of reach of children.

6Use plug-in air-fresheners

For rooms with heavy traffic like the bathroom and living room, plug-in air fresheners are ideal — they plug into an electrical outlet and spray out a blast of air freshener at regular intervals.

7Bake something delicious

A home smelling of fresh bread or cake is probably one of the most welcoming smells. So if you are having guests over for dinner, bake something before they get there or time the dishes so that something is cooking when they arrive.

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