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Decorating the boudoir to flatter your hair and complexion

When moving into a new condo, it’s said to ensure the woman of the home looks beautiful in her boudoir, the décor should complement her hair and complexion. We asked hairstylist and makeup artist Feisel Qureshi, creative director of Raincry in Oakville, Ont., and interior designer Tracy Kundell, of Avalon Interiors in Thornhill, Ont., for their advice on colour for a variety of complexion and hair types.

peach bedroom design ideaTry this…

1Blonde hair and caucasian complexion with red undertones

Qureshi: For this category I suggest cool pastels such as baby blue or lavender because these cool tones will counter-balance the warmth of the hair and complexion.

Kundell: This complexion looks great with fresh spring colours such as leaf green and hyacinth to offset the red undertones.

2Brunette hair and caucasian complexion with orange undertones

Qureshi: This skin tone and hair colour looks great surrounded by hues of nature such as the warm wood grains of mahogany, walnut and pecan.

Kundell: This complexion works well with earth tones, which are the all the rage right now. Choose colours toward the autumn spectrum such as rusts and rich golds and browns.

3Asian complexion with black hair

Qureshi: The contrast of a cream base colour against dark brown accents ensures this woman stands out even while lying down in her bedroom.

Kundell: This complexion suits a soft neutral palette and can get drowned out when too much intensity is used. Consider icy blues and soft pastels or mushroom browns veiled with violet for a casual contemporary look.

4Olive complexion with brunette and blond highlights

Qureshi: I would suggest a muted wall in light earth tones such as creams to taupes that will emphasize the natural yellow hues of the skin’s tone.

Kundell: The key to this complexion is to downplay the green undertones in the skin and stick to the other side of the colour spectrum using colours such as melon or warm golds with red undertones.

5East indian complexion with medium brown hair with copper highlights

Qureshi: This woman looks flattering surrounded by the jewel tones once found in the royal palaces of India.

Kundell: Think Moroccan nights without the Kasbah and you’re on the right track. Use colours with intensity and in the warm palette such as Persimmon and Burnt Red.

6African complexion with black or dark brown hair

Qureshi:  To contrast dark hair and skin, I would recommend vibrant colours such as burnt orange or maroon with white. The white will offset the cool undertones of this skin and hair type.

Kundell: This complexion looks great with almost any vibrant colour. Stay away from pastels and neutrals and try colour blocking your walls with some hot citrus colours.

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