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Festive Christmas tree alternatives

If your living space is too cramped for a Christmas tree, don’t despair. With a touch of creativity you can capture the splendour of the festive season in other decorative ways. No one may even notice a tree is missing.

mini christmas trees

Meet the experts

We asked three decorating experts to help put us into the holiday spirit – Sandra Gayle, owner of Pillow Talk; Tracy Kundell of Avalon Interiors; and Lynelle Madison from Design Haven Interiors.

Christmas wall tree

“An alternative to a standard tree is to hang three identical wreaths vertically on a wall or a bare window to create a statement without taking up valuable floor space in your condo. Another great way to add the colour and texture of Christmas without a tree is to tier a grouping of poinsettias and votive candles on a table,” Kundell says.

Kundell also suggests creating a dramatic Christmas statement by gathering a collection of tabletop trees [varying in size] in a single colour theme with different finishes to create a forest scene. “Some can be lit from inside for greater impact. This can look fantastic when used as a centrepiece on a table or at an entranceway in front of a mirror.”

Hanging bright tree

Gayle says you don’t have to have a tree to create the illusion of one. “Clear a corner or a space in front of a window. Attach a C hook to the ceiling. Then weave strands of mini lights vertically from the ceiling to the floor. Gather the strands of lights from one point at the ceiling; this will create the tree top. Then pull each strand outward tightly to the floor, creating a two-dimensional look. Secure the strands with decoratively covered patio stones on the floor.”

“The strands of lights can either flare out to the floor resembling the shape of a Christmas tree in a semi-circle or, if space is really at a premium, the lights can be placed straight across at the base, parallel to a wall or window. Finish the look with a tree topper or dress it up with ornaments,” Gayle says.

Presence of a tree

Madison says in place of a tree, place presents around the base of a pedestal table, add fancy fabric trim to the table’s edge and hang glass crystals around the perimeter. On top of the pedestal, add glass apothecary vases in various heights filled with Christmas balls, frosted pine cones and sprayed acorns. Madison says adding the aroma of gingerbread or cranberry with burning oils will fill the house with the decadent smell of the holidays.

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