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How to update your bathroom fixtures

Transforming a sterile bathroom into a relaxing at-home spa can be done by changing up your bathroom fixtures and adding a personal touch. Tim McDonough, vice-president of wholesale marketing and brand development of Moen Canada, says the latest trend is to mix styles from traditional, transitional and modern [transitional meaning fixtures that are in between a classic and contemporary look].


Mix and match

“Mixing traditional, transitional and modern looks goes across the bathroom, meaning a very minimalist faucet being coupled with a baroque-like lighting fixture,” explains McDonough.

“It has been a positive trend that has also helped us as an organization to round out our line by offering multiple lines so people can mix and match. We can’t just bucket people into their traditional style or modern style. People go back and forth now, which makes it more simple to create a new look.” McDonough says.

“It is important when you’re redesigning a bathroom to make sure your faucet finishes and door hardware match your accessory finishes and materials, so that your bathroom looks completed.”

Not your ordinary mirror

A popular product from Moen is Mirrorscapes, a line of mirror frames that turn an ordinary wall-mounted, plate-glass mirror into an elegant focal point. It is an easy DIY project because you only need a saw and, best of all, it requires no mitre cuts.

The line is sold in five different styles, including metallic finishes of chrome, antique bronze, antique nickel, brushed bronze, matte black and, the most popular, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Mirrorscapes is also available in wood tones, including wheat, autumn, rouge and white, and in a paintable version that can be stained to match existing bathroom cabinetry.

warming it up

“On the finishing side of things, we are seeing consumers wanting to get back into the warm gold tones, not the old 70s polished brass look, but more of a weathered gold look that creates a warm, soothing sensation in the bathroom,” says McDonough.

Thinking green

“People concerned about their green footprint can still conserve water in the shower with Moen. We have a full line of eco-friendly shower heads that provide upstanding performance,” says McDonough.

To make your showering experience even better, McDonough suggests putting in Moen’s curved shower rod, allowing more arm room when lathering up. “If you want to have a great shower – step up to the new thermostatic valve from Moen. Once you set it… you can forget it!”

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