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Top five best home design blogs

A big part of our job is digging for new trends, be they fashion, food or otherwise. But some of our favourite sites to surf are home décor and design blogs; not only do they give us great ideas to update our space, they also point us in the direction of some truly unique houseware finds. Here are our five favourite.

Woman on computer in modern home

1The Hostess Blog

Part of a bigger site called Hostess With The Mostest, this fantastic blog is dedicated to all things entertaining. From throwing the perfect party to selecting the right theme, everything is on here. There are even great recipes, décor ideas and kitchen/dining room trend tips.

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2At Home with Kim Valee

One of Canada’s design divas, Kim Valee’s site is a carefully curated mix of tips and tricks for stylish living and easy entertaining. It keeps the busy woman in mind, so no tip is out of reach. It includes everything from design trends to the hottest recipes to serve for your friends.

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3Making it Lovely

Named one of the World’s 50 Best Design Blogs, Making it Lovely is a must read for anyone who is undertaking a home renovation. Written by Nicole Balch, it offers practical advice and tips and tricks to making your home, well, lovely. Balch also owns an awesome design shop called Pink Loves Brown.

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Holly Becker, a blogger, writer and all-around amazing design consultant, types this witty blog about fashionable home trends. It’s an easy-to-surf site and features one of the best home décor round-up sections on offer. Her “Faves” posts are all about collections of goods that make her smile.

For more information, visit

A branch of the family, is full of finds, recipes and expert advice on living your sweetest life at home. There are blogs written by editors with expertise in cooking, entertaining and home renovating. It also features round-ups and style guides that divulge every season’s home trends.

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